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SMO stands for social media optimization which is the process of creating online content meant to be shared across social media networks. It is a consistent formula for creating sharable content. As social sharing is increasing and integrated into search results comprises of 2 steps :

Creating a sharable content

Making Social Sharing tools

It is important to give a unique title to the content compels user in viewing it. Finding the right balance in gaining attention towards headlines and providing interesting information is the key to it.

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Benefits of SMO are listed below:

  • Traffic: You can expect huge traffic on your website with SMO which is there apart from search engines and email marketing.
  • Website Visibility: It is a fact that a large number of users are going for social media websites, forums, and online communities. So, it is a great tactic to enhance website visibility with this.
  • Communication Channel: Nowadays companies provide a communication channel to the customers such as a Facebook page to interact with them and can promote great connection with them.
  • Free Advertisement Platform: Social media provides us with free advertisement as it is free of cost platform m and provides abundant knowledge to people.
  • Customer Satisfaction: A customer asks a question or a query and immediately giving response off it this will affect customer’s satisfaction thereby increasing credibility as well.
  • Close Relationship: While updating anything on social media platforms you would get their views which will help you understand what they require?
  • Quick Popularity: There are two ways to advertise one is television and another one is SMO. You can increase the popularity of your website with this.

What is the difference between SEO and SMO

Search Engine Optimization refers to techniques and methods to make a website appear on search engines namely as close to top list as possible. When a user puts something in the web search the search engines make a search query and spit out a list which tells about relevant results of it.

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              SMO gathers publicity of a product on social media sites that and social community and social media sharing sites as well.

Tools will help you optimize your site

  • Endocr: For  Endocr content on social media. With this tool, we can create EBooks and share books on social media. Visitors will read and download books and will you which users are interested in your content.
  • Hub spot Social Media Tool: Hubspot helps us track and analyze every trend on social media. It allows posting tweets and Fb posts to evaluate your marketing campaign. One can also gather suggestion regarding the posts.
  • Google Analytics: Google Analytics tracks performance on sites using social media platforms and determines the conversion rates of individual platforms. It tells the hits, source of visitors and time spent by each visitor. It helps to generate leads from hits. One can also determine the success rate of campaigns with this tool.
  • Do Share: It allows to share content on Google+ but others cannot. It provides unlimited connectivity and freedom of access to Google+ profiles. You can also share and manage platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, App net.
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How to Expand SMO Services with Kaler Digital Media?

If a  company maintains a Twitter page and a Facebook page still struggling to get traffic from social media sites then revise your social media strategy with Kaler Digital Media Services.

Encourage engaging content in the form of informative articles, useful tips, short and sweet videos. And keep the audience hooked to you. Send your unique voice with quality content on social media. The more the number of followers more visibility on social media. Make a content which is short, descriptive and attention-grabbing. Add some seasonal keywords to climb up the ladder of search results with best services of Kaler Digital media.